“We at Slow Beans defend, maintain and spread leguminious biodiversity: We are aware of its intrinsic value, and bear witness to the inherent pleasure of varied tastes and different gastronomic cultures that revolve around local legumes. We cultivate relationships and knowledge! We cultivate relationships and knowledge, not simple plant proteins for use as ingredients in highly processed foods completely detached from their original flavors.”


The network

Slow Beans is a network of Italian producers, cooks and activists united around the theme of beans. Members of Slow Food, they identify with a Manifesto of values and intent. The network first gathered in 2010 in Capannori, in the Tuscan province of Lucca, when the local convivium held the Fagioliadi, a competition of legume-based dishes. The network has grown over the last decade, spreading around Italy, and it is now ready to become international.

The Slow Beans network works to safeguard legumes and increase their consumption, first by growing them, and then by organizing various initiatives, such as promotional events (like the annual Slow Beans gathering) and campaigns (like the recent Let It Bean!, aimed at local mayors in partnership with organizations, as Meatless Monday).

Why beans?

  • Because legumes, dismissed during the decades of economic boom as food for the poor, are now being recognized as an essential staple in a diet that helps us live long and healthy lives: Rich in antioxidants and fibre and low in cholesterol, they help to prevent heart disease and diabetes.
  • Because a legume-rich diet is good for the environment; legumes require fewer inputs and enrich the soil by fixing nitrogen.

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