The 8th Slow Food International Congress will be held in Turin (Italy) in 2022.

The International Congress is a crucial moment for the Slow Food movement, where our political, strategic and organizational direction is decided at the international level, and therefore, at all other levels of the organization, right down to the grassroots level on which our network is based. It usually takes place every four years, with the participation of delegates who represent the different nodes of the Slow Food network around the world, and the most important projects which the movement carries forward. The decisions taken by the Congress should therefore reflect an adequately-wide representation of the whole network, and have a widespread impact everywhere that we work. The next Congress will take place three years after the preceding event (Chengdu 2017), thus respecting the terms which were defined during the previous Congress.

The concurrence of the two events is no accident. The International Congress and Terra Madre should propose a consistent vision, each one complementing the other, confronting the same themes in different ways, with the goal of shaping the future of food, accrediting Slow Food as The Food Movement par excellence, i.e. the movement that will be recognized as the world leader in changing the food system, thanks to its projects and the widespread diffusion of its network.

In advance of the Congress, three key documents have been published to help prepare our delegates for the work ahead:

A letter from Carlo Petrini to Slow Food members to inspire the upcoming Congress to tackle the challenges the future holds:

A Call to Action to help us shape the future of Slow Food

Frequently Asked Questions – and Answers! – about the International Congress

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